Friday, March 1, 2013

Online head modeler

  • Take 3 pictures: front / right / left
    • Choose a facial expression and keep it for all pictures
    • Also keep constant settings for your digital camera (this is important for modeler correpondance)
      • Use same zoom level
      • Use same shooting distance
      • Use same focus
    • Take care of the light:
      • Prefer daylight rather than artificial light
      • This is not the subject that rotates but this is the camera that moves !
      • Light from the front rather than the back to ovoid shadows
  • Visit Paper-Kit picture-based online head modeler
  • Open each picture
    • Orientate the picture in order to be vertical
    • Crop to keep only the useful part (see head modeler silhouette)
  • Model
    • Global mode: adjust and position global model or subsets
    • Vertex mode: deform model
    • Right-click to adjust brightness between pictures
  • Get the paper kit
    • Simply click on "paper kit" button
    • or save your project and open it in Paper kit

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